Batroun Villages

A town in the highland of Batroun region, 43 km far from the City. Its altitude is 1450 m. It can be attained from Batroun via Ijdabra, Bejdarfel, Kour valley, Sourat, Rachkedde, Helta, Dael, Kfarhelda, Beit Chlala, Tannourine El-Tahta, Wata Houb and Tannourine El-Faouka.
Its parish church the Annunciation Lady (Saydet Al-Bishara) dates back to 1895. Next to it is the old church "The Atiqa Lady" ( Saydet Al-Atiqa). There is also St-Sergius Church (Mar Sarkis), built on the rubble of an old monastery. It is one of the oldest churches of the region. It dates back to the Byzantine era.
In the place called "Bal'aa" there are two abysses: that of Bal'aa (Balou' Bal'aa) and that of Ba'atara (Balou' Ba'atara). These are two rocky deep gulfs from which hang cascades after thaw. Bal'aa abyss is deeper (130 m) and is overhung with gorgeous, natural, rocky bridges.
There is also a mountainous space equipped for camping.