Batroun Villages

A town in mid-Batroun region, 29 km away from the city, at an altitude of 675 m. It can be reached from Batroun via Ijdabra, Bejdarfel, Kour valley, Sourat, Rachkedde, Helta, Dael, and Kfarhelda. Its St-George,s parish church (Mar Gerges) is 200 years old. Deir Bella also has the World Lady's Church (Saydet Al-Aalam). It is very old, its vault is demolished and its frescoes eroded over time.
There is also the newly-built St-Sabas's Church (Mar Saba) at "Shnata At-Tahta", and there is "Boula's" Monastery, called after the name of the first hermit from whom the village name is derived. It consists of two arched vaults. One can find inside two old crosses with the form of a seal close to one cross. This monastery dates back to the beginnings of Christian Religion.
In the village one can also find "Az-Zahra' Mosque" which was recently built.