Batroun Villages

A coastal town south of Chekka, 8 km distant from Batroun City. it stretches from the seashore to an altitude of 100 m. it can be reached from Batroun via "Msaïlaha" Path and the highway tunnel; or via Koubba, Selaata, Hannoush (Hamat) and the old tunnel.
Heri has a mosque built in 1938 and St Anthony's of Padua Church (Mar Antonios Al-Badwani, 1940).
The natural bay of Heri and its white sandy beach - one of the most beautiful in Lebanon - attract swimmers and people seeking relaxation from all regions. Private beaches are widespread along the seaside where people can practice all kinds of water sports. What embellishes all this framework is a huge seaside resort (Florida Beach) that includes a hotel, three restaurants, a gym and a closed pool, along with a port equipped to host boats and fill in fuel.