Batroun Villages

A town in mid-Batroun District, 9 km far from the City, at an altitude of 400 m, Jran can be reached from Batroun via Edde.
Its St-Domèce's parish church (Mar Doumit) is built on the vestiges of a heathen temple where two crowns of two Roman pillars are present at the altar.
One can also find Sts-Sergius and Bacchus church (Mar Sarkis wa Bakhos) that dates back to the Byzantine era, the church of the "Lady of Ramat" (saydet Ramat, mid-eighteenth century). Ramat is the birthplace of the Maronite Patriarch Ya'koub Ar-Ramati (a Patriarch between 1139 and 1151 A.D). Further, one can find sarcophagi, urns and old rocky presses.
In the valley of Jran one can find restaurants that offer Lebanese Mezze and food.