Batroun Villages

A coastal town to the south of Batroun City, separated from the coast to an altitude of 200 m.
Its Sts-Sergius and Bacchus' parish church (Mar Sarkis wa Bakhos) dates back to 1912 and is built according to European style. There are also 2 other churches: St-Anthony's of Padua (Mar Antonios Al-Badwani, around 1840) and the Trench Lady's (Saydet Al-Khandaq), in addition to St-Joseph (Mar Youssif) in Al-Daoura area.
There are also several presses and wells engraved in rock that date back to pagan ears, in addition to a Roan "reservoir" (As-Sarij) into which a canal is introduced from its eastern part in order to supply water. There is also, in Tal-Fadous, an archaeological site dating back to the Bronz Age (2700 B.C.)
On the southern coast of the town the French built a cannon room in 1940 and it was destroyed in June 2010.
In the area known as "Fadous" close to the coast, there is a fishermen port and several sea chalets in addition to a motel, a pub-restaurant and a restaurant offering seafood. At the northern entrance of the town there is a beach and a restaurant for seafood equipped to host boats by sea. Within the town, there are restaurants offering Lebanese Mezze and food, and to the south of the town extend pebbly beaches open to the public.