Batroun Villages

A village in mid-Batroun area, 10 km awat from the city. Its altitude is 400 meters. It can be reached from Batroun via Ijdabra and Bejdarfel.
Its St-Roch’s parish church (Mar Roukoz) dates back to 1877. One can also pay visits to the archaeological “Mar Abda’s” Church that dates back to around the fourteenth century and the Victory Lady’s Church (Saydet An-Nasr, 1837). In addition, there is an old mosque preserved within the walls of a new one recently built.
There is St-Cyprian and Justina Monastery (Mar Kobrianos and Yustina) dating back to the Crusaders’ era. It was the Patriarchal See of the Maronite community in the eleventh century. It became property of the Maronite Lebanese Order in 1765. Within the monastery estate, and to its wastern part, one can find the “Zrou’ Lady’s” church (Saydet Az-Zrou’) close to “Mar Shina” area where old, arched caves are preserved along with sarcophagi and rocky presses, partly ruined.
In the valley of Kour, and within Kfifane, one can find Roman writings that date back to Emperor Adrianus’s era.
In “Mar Kobrianos and Yustina’s” Monastery is preserved the tomb of Saint Nahmatallah Kassab Al-Hardini (1808 – 1858) that draws a lot of believers. Al-Hardini’s Day is celebrated on 10th May, the date of his Beatification. In this monastery lived, in addition to the beatified Al-Hardini, his disciple St-Charbel Makhlouf. Further, one can find the tomb of the Beatified Brother Stephan Nehme Al-Lehfedy.
At Kfifane, there is a hotel and restaurants where Lebanese Mezze and food are offered and where festivities can take place.