Batroun Villages

A typical village for the art of sculpture, in the southern part of Batroun region. It is 9 km distant from the city. It has an altitude of 350 m. one can get to it from Batroun via Kfarabida and Thoum. The UNESCO gave it the name of “World’s Capital of open-air Sculptur”.
Its St-Maron’s parish church (Mar Maroun) dates back to around 1832. It was expanded in the sixties of the last century.
In mid-29th century, the name of Rachana began to feature in the world of Art thanks to Basbous Brothers: Michel (1921-1981), Alfred (1924-2006), and Youssef (1929-2002). They dispersed their sculpted works all around the village, thus transforming it into an open-air museum. This talent was transmitted to the second generation of the Basbous who maintain the traditions of this artistic school.
In 1994, Alfred and Youssef Basbous hosted a number of international sculptors, from various nationalities, in Rachana. It was within the project of the “International Workshop of Sculpture” whereby these sculptors left their works in the village. This workshop is still held on a yearly basis at the end of August.
Consquently, a number of statues are added each year, with a variety of signatures, next to the works of the Basbous.
One can find at Rachana two restaurants, one offering fast food and paste; the other (a hotel) offering Lebanese Mezze and food.