Batroun Villages

A coastal industrial town, 3 km fistant from Batroun City. It stretches from coastline to the bottom of the mountain. It can be reached from Batroun via Koubba.
It has 2 specialized ports in service of the two factories of Selaata.
Its St-John-Maron’s parish church (Mar Youhanna-Maroun) was built in 1879, and its St-Sabas’ Church (Mar Saba) dates back to 1846. The latter was built on the ruins of an old church, the proof being the crosses on its stones and some vestiges of old mosaic around it. And on the rock north of this church, filters for winepresses are excavated; they date back to pagan eras.
One can also find “Mar Abda’s” Church that dates back to early 19th century and its altar is dug in rock.
At Selaata on Olympic playground in used for sport festivals and other festivities.