Batroun Villages

A village in the highland of Batroun area, 42 km remote from the city at an altitude of 1100 m. one can ttain it from Batroun via Ijdabra, Bejdarfel, Kour valley, Sourat, Rachkedde, Helta, Dael, Kfarhelda, Beit chlala and Tannourine El-Tahta.
In this village, both St-Domece’s (Mar Dounit) and Sts-Sergius and Bacchus’ (Mar Sarkis wa Bakhos) churches are engraved in rock. There are also the “Houb Lady’s” church (Saydet Houb) that dates back to the 5th century, and the Monastery of St-Anthony (Deir Mar Antonios) that was built in 1749 on the rubble of a heathen temple. One can also find a lot of rocky hermitages dating back to early Christianity, several sarcophagi and Latin writings from the reign of the Roman Emperor Adrianus.