Batroun Villages

A town in mid-Batroun District, to the western bank of the "Al-Jawz" River. It is 17 km away from the city, with an altitude of 450 m. It can be reached from Batroun via Ijdabra, Bejdarfel, Kour valley and Kfarhay.
The Patron of the town is St-Simon the Stylite (Mar Semaan Al-Amoodi), whose church was partially built in 1910 with the stones of Bacchus's temple that was standing in Roman times. Another church named as "tge Lady of Bzaz" (Saydet Al-Bzaz) was totally built with the temple stones. To the eat of Boqsmaya is the church of the "Lady Miskina" (Saydet Al-Miskina, 1918), which was built on the rubble of an old Lady church. One can also find St-George's Church (Mar Gerges) dating back to 1926, and to the south St-John's Monastery ( Mar Youhana, 1880).
Furthermore, there are more than ten sarcophagi southwest St-Simon's Church, and all along the river there are water mills dating back to the Crusaders.
There are two restaurants in place called "An-Nahriyye" on the bank of the "Al-Jawz" River. They offer Lebanese Mezze and food.