Batroun Villages

And industrial town on the coast north of Batroun District. It is 10 km away from the city. It extends from the seashore to an altitude of 115 m. It can be reached from Batroun via the path "Msaïlaha", the highway tunnel, and Heri; or via Koubba, Selaata, Hannoush (Hamat), the old tunnel and Heri.
It has several factories and a specialized harbor.
Chekka has several churches, the most important being: St-Artemius (Mar Shallita, the oldest, late eighteenth century), The Lady of Salvation (Saydet Al-Khalass, 1936), and the Church of God's Transfiguration (Tajalli Ar-Rab). This matter is newly-built and is characterized by its beautiful frescoes . There are old tombs close to "Mar Shallita's", but they were mutilated in such a way as to make their age identification difficult.
In this town one can find a motel, a seaside resort with a restaurant where celebrations can be held, and seafood as well as other food can be offered. There are also public beaches that are either sandy or rocky.