Batroun Villages

It is a town in mid-Batroun area, 27 km far from the city, at an altitude of 870 m. It can be reached from Batroun via Ijdabra, Bejdarfel, Kour, Kfarhatna and Zan.
Featuring in Assia is St-George's parish church (Mar Gerges, 1846), and "Mar Assia's" Church, which is built on Roman ruins still extant to date. Another feature is the Monastery of St-Thomas (Mar Touma) on the way to Bcheale. As for the Church of the Fortress Lady (Saydet Al-Kala'a), it stands outside Assia on its southern side, on a hilll surrounded with sarcophagi in carved rocks, some of which with their covers on.
In addition, one can find at Assia stone wine- and olive-presses.
Recently (in summer 2002) a stone day statue of Virgin Mary was built on an overlooking site of the Lady's Church. The statue size is 4.05 meters. The artist Amin Rizl sculpted it.
To the west of St-George's Church some sarcophagi and several rocky presses of archaeological importance were discovered.
Assia is famous for hand-made pottery as its soil is very suitable for such a handicraft.