Batroun Villages

A village in mid-Batroun District, 17 km distant from the city, at an altitude of 850 m. It can be reached from Batroun via Edde, Jran, Deria And Toula; or via Ijdabra, Bejdarfel, Kfifane, Deria and Toula.
Its Angel Michael's parish church (Al-Malãk Mikhayel) dates back to 1898. It has St-Simon's Cross and an urn for saints' relics. There are also two offer churches; the Facilities Lady's Church (Saydet At-Tassheelat) and "Mar Adba's" (vestiges).
There are also writings, symbols and paintings engraved in rock as well as a great number of rocky sarcophagiand caves, some of which transformed into Wells.