Batroun Villages

A village in mid-Batroun area, 20 km distant from the city. its altitude: 450 m. it can be reached from Batroun via Edde, Jran and Abdelli.
One can find "Mar Abda's" parish church, which is a Crusaders' church, St-Lucius (Mar Nohra, mid 18th century), and the Lady's Church (As-Saydet, 1914), along with St-Joseph Convent (Deir Mar Youssef) for Lebanese Nuns. The latter dates back to 1897.
In addition, one can find vestiges of a fortress opposite the fortress of Smarjbeil. There are also wells and sarcophagi engraved in rocks to the east of "Mar Abda's" Church.
The tomb of St-Rafka Ar-Rayess (1832-1914) is preserved in the convent of St-Joseph (Deir Mar Youssef-Jrabta) where she lived the last years of her life. This convent is considered a place of religious pilgrimage even before the declaration of her sanctity on 11th June 2001. St-Rafka's Day is celebrated on 23rd March, the day of her death. A St-Rafka's Basilic is being built actually.
The nuns of St-Joseph Convent dotraditional handiwork like embroidery, sewing of religious vestments and making sweets known as "Marsaban".