Batroun Villages

A village in mid-Batroun region, on the south bank of the "Al-Jawz" river. It is 30 km away from the city, its altitude being 750 m. Its can be reached from Batroun via Ijdabra, Bejdarfel, Kou valley, Sourat, Rachkedde, Helta, Dael and Kfarhelda.
Its St-Joseph's Church (Mar Youssef) was restored around 1940. It also has the Assistance Lady's Church (Saydet Al-Maounate, 1897).
On the mountain overlooking the village perches "Saydet Al-Bzizat" Church that is a cave with a rocky altar dating back to the days when the first Christians were persecuted. It served as a refuge.
On the banks of the "Al-Jawz" river there are restaurants that offer the Lebanese Mezze and food along with river fish.