Batroun Villages

A village in mid Batroun district, 11 km distant from the City, at an altitude of 475 m. it can be reached from Batroun via Edde and Mrah Chedid; or Via Kfarabida, Thoum and Rachana.
It accommodates the “Scout City”, a unique edifice in Lebanon that was inaugurated in 1974; part of which is today transformed into a barracks.
Its St-Lucius’ parish church (Mar Nohar) dates back to early Christianity. Its eastern wall still preserves Syriac writings; its western entrance presents engravings of two lions. On top of its northern entrance figures a bucket and its handle; both being made of stone.
In addition, one can find the Assistance Lady’s church (Saydet Al-Maounate) that is older than St-Nohra’s. The former has Crosses on its stones.
The Smarjbeil Fortress (Al-Kala’a) dates back to the Phoenicians’ Epoch (9th Century B.C.). it was used by the people that succeeded them, especially the Crusaders. One can find within it wells and many rocky sarcophagi. To the north of the Fortress one can see the moment of an Assyrian kinf sculpted in rock.
An artistic festival is being held every summer in Smarjbeil fortress and there are restaurants offering Lebanese Mezze and food. One of the restaurants affords a pool to visitors in summertime.